About Barry

Right, so you know the kind of person who when they enter a room they are instantly noticeable? The kind of person who everyone always sits up and pays attention to? The kind of person who is funny, charming, an intellect and adored by all from their first breath?…

….Well I’m the guy who walked in after him.

So who is this guy? Well his name is Barry. He’s born, bred and buttered in Dublin but currently on the menu in New York. He is an Advertising Masters Graduate, a freelance Copywriter, and an aspiring workaholic. He draws his art, he listens to his music, he plays his sport, and is realistically bit of a know it all nerd under the chiseled, glistening exterior…ahem.

With writing being one of his favourite hobbies, and making money being his second, Barry has acquired quite the array of notches on his CV. It ranges from promo staff on a Greek island to teaching kids with down syndrome, with managing music festival campsites, music festival artist management jobs, working with disadvantaged kids, Door to Door sales, Black Jack dealing, being a Tour Director for American package holidays around Europe and a host of various other random and marketing jobs thrown in for good measure.

His family and friends mean the world to him, and doesn’t want too much more out of this world than to give the same, or slightly better chances and opportunities to those around him, as he has been lucky to get himself.

You can reach him on barry.keating89@hotmail.com

He apologises for speaking in the third person, but he kind of started as he felt it was a less egotistical way to write about himself and just didn’t know when to stop. Results if he is right are pending.


Barry Keating CV


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