Rabo Bank

A TV script concept for Rabo Bank. The idea is that Rabo are so straight taking and easy to save with that anyone can bank with them, no matter what you are saving for.



Open with a bank manger, with a suit, tie, the works, sitting upright at his desk and about to speak into the camera.


Banker: Hello there. But I digress. I’m here to give you 5 good damn reasons why you should put your savings into Rabo bank.


Number 1, we offer the best interest rates on your savings. Number 2, we don’t cheat you with hidden costs. Number 3, we serve over 10 million customers worldwide. Number 4, we have over 300bn in cash reserves.


And number 5, if we can help Dmitri here save up for his multicultural pangender purple fur plated mobile chocolate disco Jacuzzi…


*flashes for a split second to this fat old tacky looking Russian guy sharing a chocolate filled purple fur Jacuzzi under a disco ball in the back of a truck with an Indian sheik, African tribesperson and eskimo, celebrating.


…then we can help anyone save.


Rabobank, the straight talking savings bank.





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