Spotify TV Concept

TV concept for Spotify – The online music hub

Setting: Crowded food court in a shopping centre


Male and female – young, good looking, with cultured look to them


Opens with the man sitting alone in a crowded shopping mall flicking through his ipod, with a book on his lap. As he selects a song, he puts the ipod into the front chest pocket of his shirt and begins reading the book (the song comes on over everything as if we are hearing what he hears).

As he begins to read to read, he looks up slightly, and sees through the hustle and bustle of the crowd, a pretty girl sitting across from him in a similar position, reading the same book.

She looks up nonchalantly, but as she does the pair make eye contact, and after the see that they are both reading the same book, they share a nice moment. (All very love at first sight romantics)

The guy then decides to go over to the girl and goes to gather his things and turn off his ipod. But as he looks up again to stand up, he sees that she has already beat him to the punch and is walking over with this innocent awkward smile on her face.

As she is walking over though, we hear the music gradually fade out, and as it does the girl stops in her tracks, and her face changes to one of utter disgust. Now she is just standing there, with a face on her like she is looking at a clogged toilet.

We see why she is like this, as we cut back to guy. It turns out that as she was walking over, he was turning down the music on his ipod, which was in his chest pocket. And since the ipod has circular motion button, from the girl’s perspective all she saw was the guy caressing his nipple as she came towards him.

She then unfreezes and walks away hurriedly and he is left confused.

Then the spotify logo just smashes onto to screen over a close up of the guy still touching his nipple to end with the caption

“Death to the Mp3”


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