Irish Cancer Society




Setting: Point of view from young daughter, about 10, out shopping with her dad. She’s shy and hesitant in a way of someone who lacks confidence, while he is full of positivity and encouragement. She is sitting in a swivel chair like in a hairdressers and the dad is moving around talking to the shop assistant.


Daughter:  …aww dad, I don’t know about this, can we just go home?


Dad: Ah don’t be like that, we came all this way, you might as well try at least one of them.


Daughter: It’s just that, I don’t know, I just don’t see the point…


Dad: That’s nonsense, you were excited about this the other day


Daughter: I know, but…


Dad: Ok, if you try one on, I’ll bring you to get some ice-cream, if you don’t tell your mom. How does that sound?


Daughter: ahh I kind of just want to…


Dad: Ah go on


Daughter: Oh ok then (she says timidly)


Dad; Great (To the assistant) Can we try that first one she liked please?


From the motions of the camera we can that something is being put on to her head. Her dad crouches down at eye level in front of her and begins carefully to fix it into place as he talks to her.


Dad: Hey, have you ever heard of the word “Kintsukuroi?”


Daughter: No, what’s that?


Dad: It’s a great little word the Japanese have. It means to “repair with gold”, where they would fix broken pottery and whatever with either melted gold or silver. Interesting thing to do yeah? But it also has a different meaning, where it’s the understanding that …because of the way you fixed it, …..( he finishes fixing and stops and looks her in the eye with a smile) it is now more beautiful for being broken in the first place.


The dad then swings the to the side to reveal in a mirror that the little girl is fact a cancer patient who is trying on her first wig after chemo.


V/O: There is more to Cancer research than just curing a disease. Make a donation through to be a part of making a difference. The Irish cancer society.


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