Jameson TV concept for North American market

Jameson Tv Script for American Market


1890’s Irish town setting

(Man comes out of house on the top of a hilly street and starts to talk to the camera as he starts walking down the street)

Man; Around the town, John Jameson is known as being, well, bit of a cynic. People know him for being a straight and logical thinker, not one for the superstitious like. It’s something that people respect, and in fairness to him, it’s something that he is revered for.

(as he walks down the street he points to a house and says..)

Man; Like the time he lifted the curse from Mrs O’Reilly’s house…..

(Scene of woman showing John Jameson nothing but black coming out of her taps and worrying as if it is supernatural with the whole house rattling. Then at closer inspection, he finds a fault in the plumbing and fixes it, turning the water back to normal)

(Cuts back to the man walking further down the hill)

Man; Or the time he stopped that pesky ghost from pushing Old Mr Brennan over all the time….

(Scene of old man falling over randomly at different times. Then John Jameson going over to help, seeing that the old man’s shoe soles were uneven, realising that they were the cause of him falling over all the time, then fixing them)

Man; Even as far as curing the neighboring town from their local witchcraft problem…

(Scene of gathered people in town square, wide eyed and amazed at this short man doing one of those crappy detachable  index finger gags. Then close up of John Jameson with an unimpressed, “ah come one..” look on his face)

(as man is walking to the end of the street and into a pub and sits down with a whiskey)

Man; Yes John Jameson was a skeptical man, he would hug black cats and walk under ladders without fear, and many felt that it was this logical attitude and wisdom that was the reason he made such great whiskey, it’s what he was known for. But I’ll let you in on a little secret…

( scene cuts to John Jameson going to open the door to his distillery, with voice talking over it)

Man; For John Jameson and his whiskey, nothing is left to chance…

(to dramatic music; shows John Jameson take out a rabbits foot, kiss it, then uncharacteristically do this eccentric dance before opening the door, to reveal his giant distillery full of horse shoes etc. )

Jameson Whiskey; “You’re famous”


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