Curragh Carpets – Radio Script

Radio Script for Curragh Carpets

Setting; noise of a dinner party in the background

Sorcha; Annoying, posh, very fast speaking

Hosts: Average, warm and friendly tone


Doorbell rings, hosts answer

Host and Hostess; Ah Sorcha and Phil how are you? Come on…

Sorcha; Ah Claire dawwling we’re doing fabulous! Speaking of fabulous, what have you done with the place? it looks amazing! Like where did you get this carpet?

Hostess; Em well we got it…

Sorcha; NO, let me guess. Arabia! I once knew an Aladin who could do unbelievable things with them.

Hostess; No, it was actually…

Sorcha; ARGENTINA! Those lads know their way around a rug if you know what I mean eh?

Hostess; Not quite, we bought in…

Sorcha; I know! Burma! I could tell by the way it has…

Host; Actually Sorcha, this is a curragh carpet, the only 100% Irish made ones around, we got it down at carpet world.

Hostess; yeah and as well as that, they’re the world’s only carbon-neutral carpets too, doing our bit for the environment as well. So take your shoes off and come one in!

VO; Curragh Carpets at carpet world, Ireland’s finest carpets.


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