To that special someone…

This for a special someone, they know who they are. You are a person with a complete understanding of my mind, my body, my soul. You always answer when I call, not matter the time of day or how busy you are. With you I’m not afraid to ask for what I want and you are not afraid to give it to me. When we do talk, the sound of your voice gives me this unparalleled rush of excitement and desire, yet nervousness and anxiety. Emotions racing, palms sweating, eyes glistening. These moments are gorgeous, as when you’re this close it’s like a beautiful limbo of anticipation and pleasure where we both know the amazing thing that we are about to do. And as when the wait finally reaches its unbearable climax, you are so close, I know what’s going through your head as you ring my bell like no other. I know the thing you want most right now, more than anything any other man can give you, as you finally come, the tip…..and then I answer the door, hand you the €15, say thank you, and then woohooo it’s pizza time!


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