Making doodles with whatever currency I have in my room


The story goes, one day Abe Lincoln was feeling very frustrated and stressed out with life and felt that he needed some “me” time. He cleaned his favourite rod, put on his nicest hat, and went fishing. He found it tranquil and relaxing, which gave him the right frame of mind to have a good think to himself about everything and after a while he began to feel much better about it all. But from out of nowhere, the annoying Ho chi Minh turns up and spoils his mood. He won’t shut up about how good a fisherman he is and what Abe was doing wrong. This irritated Abe and he wished for him to leave. But he couldn’t stay mad at Ho Chi for too long. It was all put into perspective for Abe, when he began to think of worse things he could be doing than fishing right now with his buddy. One thing that popped into his head was having to give George Washington a piggy back for some strange reason, because Abe is a bit mad like that…


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